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Teaching Assistant on Standby at Ignite Tuition Centre

Your child might be reluctant to ask questions for many reasons! This is why our friendly teaching assistants are always around, students can drop by whenever our centre is opened to ask us anything on schoolwork.


AY 2019 New Courses for Ignite Students

Primary Science Experiments for Primary 3 to 6

Primary Problem Solving Skills for Primary 5 & 6

Primary Chinese Creative Writing for Primary 1 to 6

Our teaching assistants at Ignite are always on standby to help!

Simply contact us and we will share more on how the Ignite methods works, for the betterment of your child's academic journey!


Why Us

5 main reasons why we are confident that Ignite Tuition Centre will help your child excel:

Two-Way Communication with Parents/Guardians

Two-Way Communication with Parents/Guardians

At Ignite, two-way communication is ongoing with constant feedback on both ends and follows each child’s own unique experiences and growth. We also have in house mock examinations in place to ensure students are continuously revising outside lesson.

Teaching Assistants on Standby

Teaching Assistants on Standby

Our experienced and dedicated teaching assistants are always available to answer any questions your child may have about schoolwork. They also cultivate a good learning attitude by teaching students the habit of asking to clear their doubts. This promotes your child's confidence and academic performance.

Learning From Qualified, Passionate Teachers

Learning From Qualified, Passionate Teachers

We pride ourselves in our teachers, who are handpicked from a rigorous selection process. Our team of tutors are all NIE-trained and fully experienced full-time tutors. Within our team, we also have ex-HODs. Our dedicated tutors teach classes ahead of school, so that your child will be able to keep up and excel in tests and exams.

urturing Confidence and Excellence

Nurturing Confidence and Excellence

Practice makes perfect. We help to build your child's confidence by rewarding them for their good attitude and efforts. We believe excellence lies not just in grades; we also aim to cultivate your child's interest in learning to be better thinkers. By cultivating interest, our students learn better and grow confident.

Comprehensive & Detailed Learning Materials

Comprehensive & Detailed Learning Materials

We provide superior, professionally crafted notes and worksheets, organised in concept levels to help your child save time and revise efficiently. We also conduct internal mock exams with our own material for students to gauge their readiness, clear any doubts, and boost their confidence before their actual exams.


We believe in meaningful learning, where everyone works together to provide a conducive environment to ignite a student's motivation and passion.

"Ignite has helped me to achieve my marks from B to A, I am very thankful to Ignite."

Roysten Keefe Kong Barn Howe (Primary 6)
Southview Primary School

"I like Ignite Tuition Centre because I can meet new friends from other schools and there are nice teachers. My results have improved for Maths and Science."

Darolynn Ng En Yi (Primary 3)
Southview Primary School

"I used to be in the low B category but after joining Ignite Tuition, in my SA1, I have improved to a very high A, in fact I got 74."

Iresha (Primary 6)
Kranji Primary School

We ignite your child's passion in learning

What You Get

We are embarking on 2018's syllabus very soon. Help your child to get ahead of their peers and reinforce their confidence!

Superior Proprietary Notes & Worksheets

Compiled by a fleet of education experts, these notes and worksheets have been used by over 3000 students who have seen improvements in their results.

Detailed Summary Cheat Sheets

We provide summary cheat sheets for all subjects that can help your child learn more efficiently and save up to 5 hours of revision time.

Specially Crafted Curriculum Outline

This plan helps to ensure that Ignite is teaching ahead of the syllabus, for your child to gain an advantage, learn ahead of their peers and not fall behind in school.

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